Review: Sushi Cafe

Review: Sushi Cafe

When someone says “all you can eat” I’m transported back to 6th form when we’d go into town and raid the all you could eat Chinese buffet at lunch. At £5.99 it was admittedly a complete bargain, but perhaps in hindsight not the healthiest daily lunch time option for a 16 year old (me) who seemed to only grow outwards, having stopped growing upwards age 12.

Fast forward 10 years and I found myself back in an all you can eat, but with a big difference. Sushi Cafe is less all you can eat, more “all you can order” off a menu packed with sushi, noodles and all the classics.

You get 3 rounds of ordering, with a max. of 6 dishes each. Most dishes are included but a few of the fresh sushi dishes have an extra charge. There’s an extensive drinks menu with delightfully cheap wine (always a winner for me) and numerous types of Sake. I’d recommend one but I’ve never actually tried it and my boyfriend reliably informed me it’s (putting this delicately) an acquired taste.

Having not eaten for a few hours and being the owners of 2 rather large appetites, we entered round 1 fully confident we’d make it through the allowed 3 rounds of ordering. DO NOT MAKE THIS MISTAKE. Halfway through round 2 I thought my stomach would burst and I would fall asleep (not necessarily in this order) – the portions are generous and they are filling!

So to the food, we ordered a full range from the menu including sushi, noodles, appetisers such as satay & prawn toast and noodle soup. The chicken satay is amazing (get a couple) as is the chicken katsu – one of the best I’ve ever had. The sushi was plentiful and the spicy salmon, tuna, avocado and California rolls particularly good (perhaps a little heavy on the rice side) but the sashimi was really fresh and delicious – definitely a must.

What else did we have…the chicken and vegetable noodles were amazing and I personally absolutely loved the vegetable tempura. I could eat that aubergine tempura for the rest of my life and die happy – definitely order some! Oh before I forget, get some Edamame. So underrated but so addictive and salty.

The all you can eat option is £15.99 a person, and for that you get a maximum of 18 dishes per person. When you consider that you get 6 pieces of sushi at somewhere like Itsu for £7.00 alone, it’s an absolute bargain! It’s a great way to try a bit of everything with friends and not have to deal with the usual stress of sharing (seeing as there’s so much food!)

Sushi Cafe is near Battersea Park, just down the road from Clapham Junction – more info here


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