Quick & Easy Paella

Quick & Easy Paella

Paella is such a dream, especially when eaten on the beach with a really cold glass of wine/beer/anything alcoholic.

One of the best meals I ever had was during my first holiday with my boyfriend. We went to Mallorca and ordered paella at a restaurant right by the beach. I was already pretty happy as I had just realised I’d actually developed my first ever proper tan (plus I had drunk 3 pints of beer) but the waiter brought out the biggest pan I have ever seen in my life, full of paella, and from then on I was living the holiday dream.

Re-creating it at home was a bit tricky as a) I don’t live on a beach and b) Saffron is bloody expensive. I mean seriously, £10 on one spice for one meal – sorry no, not happening. This version uses turmeric and paprika instead so you still get the vibrancy of the yellow, and the smoky spicy taste (without bankrupting yourself)

Note – For the below recipe I have used chicken and prawns  –  I love fresh mussels and squid and try to use these when I can but find the stuff you buy in supermarkets is often way too fishy for me and can be quite tricky to get hold of. If you wanted to stick traditional though (like I actually have in the image) just substitute the chicken and stir in at the end with the prawns.

Serves 3 (12sp per serving)


• 150g chicken breasts chopped into chunks
• 250g frozen prawns (I absolutely love these and they’re often on offer)
• 75g chorizo chopped into small chunks
• 1 onion finely sliced
• 1 garlic clove finely sliced/minced
• 1 red pepper chopped into small pieces
• 1 tsp turmeric
• ½ tsp paprika
• 250g rice (Paella or Arborio obvs ideal but normal rice is absolutely fine)
• 750ml chicken stock
• 100 g frozen peas
• 2 tbsp olive oil


  1. Heat the oil in a pan, add your chicken and fry until almost cooked, add your onion and pepper and fry for a further 3-4 mins until soft. Try not to let it brown but don’t worry too much if it does (this always happens to me)
  2. Add the chorizo and garlic and fry for another few mins until everything is fully coated in the chorizo oils
  3. Add your paprika and turmeric then pour in the rice – stir well until everything is covered in the spice/oil mixture and cook for another minute
  4. Turn the heat down and pour in your stock – bring to the boil then simmer for 15 mins, occasionally stirring to stop it sticking If all the liquid evaporates add some more stock to keep cooking your rice
  5. If using frozen prawns – In a separate pan fry until pink and fully defrosted then move to step 6. If using fresh, or you’ve already defrosted the seafood, skip this step and move to 6
  6. Once rice is almost done, tip in your peas and prawns and stir through until piping hot
  7. Serve!




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