Review: Franco Manca

Review: Franco Manca

First things first, if you live in London and haven’t been to Franco Manco, what on earth are you playing at?!

When I first moved to London 5 years ago there was just one to be found, but now restaurants have now sprung up all over including Balham, Tooting, Chiswick, Clapham, Brixton, Tott Court Road and Soho. They also now do takeaway which has made my attempts at healthy eating even harder and my bikini body a distant memory.

Franco Manca has become one of my favourite places to eat and (although this is a big shout) I think it’s still the best place in London to get pizza! It’s also become the meeting place of choice for my friends and I when it’s nearing pay day and we’re trying not to cry at the state of our bank accounts as each pizza is around £5-6. #Bargain

The pizzas are all served on a sourdough base and there’s a range of meat and veggie options. They also have a daily meat and veggie special as well as various starters and desserts.


The pizza above is the current meat special – pancetta, aubergine and wild garlic and is amazing. Anyone heading there soon needs to get this one. I also go for the number 1 (tomato, garlic and oregano) and the number 6 (Gloucester old spot ham) which are equally yummy. Each table comes with this highly addictive garlic oil which the pizza crusts taste great dipped in just FYI.

Just as importantly, they also do really reasonable wine and beer. The house white wine is actually pretty decent considering it’s £15.

So for anyone needing a cheap meeting place for friends, or just craving an amazing pizza, make sure you check out Franco Manco – more info here.


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