The 7 Most Bingeable Shows on Netflix…

The 7 Most Bingeable Shows on Netflix…

I could sit here and pretend I don’t watch any TV and instead spend my days going for runs and testing various brands of quinoa but that would (thankfully) be a lie.

I watch a lot, usually when I need distracting from something a bit dull. I’ll stick something on when I’m drying my hair (subtitles or headphones in each ear work wonders) or when I’m doing my make up. Whilst cooking it is Celeb Masterchef (unless Andi Peters has made his yearly return) and commuting to work it is usually whatever current BBC drama is on.

Netflix is still my fave and is so good it has even survived those months where I’ve accidentally spent £500 on a night out and cancelled everything apart from my phone bill in a mad panic. Based on my considerable experience, these are my top 7 most addictive shows…

(Seriously, say goodbye to sleep. You’ll be up until 4am every morning desperate for your next fix)


Making a Murderer

This is one that will stay with you long, long after you watch it. Based around two family members convicted of murder, the documentary digs into the evidence and trial and it’s hard to believe these events actually happened. If you watch anything on Netflix make it this.


3 series about Colombian drug cartels may not sound like your thing but it’s an absolute must. Based on real life events, it is ridiculously tense and one of the best shows I’ve ever watched. You’ll find yourself in a constant dilemma of whether you want these murderous drug lords to escape back to their super cute children or die horrible, painful deaths. 

Pretty Little Liars

It’s quite alarming to have just worked out that I have devoted 6.6 WHOLE days of my life in total to watching PLL but watch a few and you will realise why. It is based around 4 girls who, whilst searching for their missing friend, start receiving threats from a mysterious A character. WARNING you will be up until 5am each morning watching this one.  

House of Cards

After 3 series of this, nothing will shock you. Based around the US Presidency and the White House, it makes you wonder just how much of this actually goes on in real life…It’s also one of those shows that thinks nothing of randomly killing of a main character making it utterly addictive.


Based loosely on the tale of Mary Queen of Scots, Reign is essentially The Crown meets Gossip Girl. Murder, sex and royals going mad are the general three themes running through everything and I absolutely love it. The costumes are incredible and the girls totally fierce. What’s not to love?

The Killing

Both the Scandinavian and US versions are on Netflix, and if you can put up with the subtitles I would definitely recommend the first. A girl goes missing and is found murdered in the car of the local politician. One of the most addictive murder mystery’s out there, you find yourself absolutely HAVING to know what happens next.


Just a warning, if like me you live in London and are of a slightly nervous disposition, this show will terrify you. Set around DCI Luther who works in the serious crime unit, the crimes he is dealing with are gripping and shocking in equal measures. Idris Elba is just amazing and is where my obsession with him started. I challenge you to watch all episodes of this and NOT check under your bed at night…

And a shout out to others that I loved but didn’t fit in with my Top 7 title – Stranger Things, Gossip Girl, Riverdale, Suits & The Good Wife.


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