Review: Rick Stein’s Cafe, Padstow

Review: Rick Stein’s Cafe, Padstow

Cornwall is one of my favourite places in the world, in particular the North coast around Padstow. I love the beaches, surfing, long walks and (most importantly) the non-stop availability of scones/pasties and the cider.

Anyone who visits Padstow will quickly notice a theme amongst the restaurants and shops that is Rick Stein. I personally love him, think he is hilarious and watched every episode of his Long Weekend show like a fan girl so will usually either be:

  1. eating my body weight in the (slightly overpriced soz Rick) fish & chip shop
  2. bulk buying my favourite candle of all time (Padstow Christmas Candle – thanks Jill!) in the deli
  3.  eating 3 courses and getting nicely drunk on gin cocktails in my favourite Padstow restaurant – Rick Stein’s Café.

The Café is my go to restaurant in Padstow. Great affordable food, a really relaxed atmosphere and each table comes with about a million very comfy cushions to dive into. We always find ourselves going back each time we come back for a visit. They do a 3 course set menu for £23.95 which is great value for both the quality and quantity of food you get and is a lot cheaper than similar equivalents in the rest of the harbour.

Drinks are pretty reasonable considering they could massively up the price here. We started with cocktails (the Gin & Lime Sorbet one at £7.50 is just incred), then a bottle of Sauvignon (£21) and finished with espresso martinis (£7.50) and I also had an Amaretto as I was feeling drunk and fancy (£3.50)

(Side note – we were told we just had the table for an hour and a half but I think they quickly sensed we were pretty keen on the drinks menu and ended up there for a very enjoyable 3 hour slot instead!)

We both opted for the full 3 courses and got stuck into the following…

Appetizer: Marinated Kalamata Olives

Pleasantly surprised by these as I’m not usually fussed about both black olives and sundried tomatoes but these were a lot sweeter and tastier than normal. Admittedly I was a little tipsy by this point and couldn’t work out if you were supposed to eat the accompanying green substance also in the dish. Both decided sod it and ate it all – very tasty.

Moving onto the next course…

Starter: Moules Mariniere

Really yummy and garlicky and came with an impressive amount of sauce that you’re encouraged to get stuck into as a sort of soup after. Tasted wonderfully fresh and a generous portion. No complaints here!


Starter: Salt & Pepper Prawns

Just tried to get my boyfriend to give me a detailed quote on this and was rewarded with an eye roll (cheers hun) – anyway I ate one in return for 3 mussels and I would 100% recommend these as a must have starter to anyone trying this menu. They’re packed with flavour, juicy and best of all – huge!


Main: Chicken Paillard

The star of this was the red wine vinaigrette that came with it. OMG that stuff is addictive and amazing, I could eat it in bucketfuls. Chicken lovely and tender and had some great fish & chip shop style chips with it too. Big thumbs up.


Main: Grilled Hake

According to my boyfriend “no complaints”.


(Wine almost finished at this point and now just drunk. Boyfriend humiliates both of us by saying “Tim is judging you for taking photos” and it then turns out the poor waiter is definitely not called Tim)

Dessert: Sunken Chocolate Cake

Can’t go wrong with this dessert really – if you’re going to go for any dessert pick this one! Huge slice of moist, rich chocolate cake that I could have eaten 5 of. The vanilla ice cream was also great, not too sweet and (this will sound weird) not too cold. You know how some ice creams give you that horrid brain freeze feeling? Not this one!


Dessert: Salted Caramel Cheesecake

Make this one your second choice. The salted caramel sauce is dreamy and the biscuit base very addictive. Loved it!


To bring this unexpectedly long winded review to a close, if you’re in Padstow any time soon then definitely add this one to your list (and say hi to Tim)







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