6 bizarre things that are totally normal in London

6 bizarre things that are totally normal in London

1. Commuting trainers

Speaking from experience, the first few times of setting off to work in your tights and favourite pair of Nikes will have you feeling 20% efficient and 80% like a dick. Fast forward a few weeks however and you’ll be zooming around the tube 5mph faster than anyone else and silently judging anyone silly enough to wear their normal shoes.



2. Adult Scooters

There’s always someone careering down the street on an adult scooter looking unbearably smug and it baffles me.  How have they even been allowed to become a thing?! They look utterly ridiculous and I can’t take anyone seriously who I see on one.



3. Tube Mice

The usual (and sane response) to seeing a mouse provokes screams of horror, calls to pest control and a general feeling of disgust. In London no one even bats an eyelid at the 20 mice just casually playing in the tube tracks and tourists even take pictures. WHAT.



4. Drinks, drinks, drinks

Drinking in London is acceptable at all times of the day on any day of the week and with no designated driver needed, a regular weekday hangover becomes a totally normal occurrence. 2-for-1 cocktails after a tough Monday? Why not! 2 bottles of wine per person after a particularly grim Tuesday? Absolutely.



5. The Brunch trek

Outside of the M25 the idea of travelling over an hour, across 3 different forms of public transport, just to meet a friend for brunch would seem utterly ridiculous. In London? A standard weekend jaunt.


6. No reservations

Are you someone who feels going out for a meal is not complete unless you’ve had to stand in an hour long queue, ideally in the cold/pouring rain?  If so you’re going to love life in London!




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